Live 80


The Last of The Last of The True Believers

On the 27th & 28th of May 1994 the Petrols played their final 2 concerts at The Grand in London and The Tivoli in Dublin

NB: at the Dublin show they didnt actually go on until midnight, which would make it the 29th and that just happens to be my birthday - hell of a present

I had the pleasure of working with them from 1991 to the very end in Dublin, which was a very sad occasion, where I saw grown men crying at the end of the show, the petrols had that affect on people.  Both shows were recorded on digital multitrack equipment with a view to releasing a live album (something I'd been telling them to do for years!) - finally in the year 2000 the album was released under the name Final Flame and excellent it is

 Some weeks after the last shows I recieved a cassette of the show mix's, a mixture of the best of both shows in London and Dublin.  And thats all I had until they released the official album, but there were several tracks missing from the Final Flame CD due to the fact it was a single not double album. - and now here are the missing tracks including a couple of cover songs that they always played in their shows (they used to do a great version of Teen Spirit) for the last shows they chose a Beatles and a Stooges song and both excellent versions as well!

If you enjoy these tracks please go out and get the Final Flame CD and consider checking out all their studio albums as well, its well worth it.

thanks for the music guys

** Not quite the end, they are back together and gigging again**

the missing tracks


sorry but i've removed the download link of these tracks as the band have now re-released the live album with these tracks included but you can still listen to all of them below

you can get the album here



That Petrol Emotion web site

This was the set list I used for guitar tuning during the show, you may notice the strange lettering - thats the tuning for some of the guitars on those particular songs, the petrols had some very strange guitar tunings and a lot of guitars, but they made the songs sound great

its a bit faded in places, but then its getting on for 15 years old

this is the only set list from any band that I saved in over 20 years on the road