Live 80

Headhunters - The Comsat Angels

This album was originally recorded in 1988 and finished in early 89 in their own studios in Sheffield.
The band was going to change their name to Headhunters but before the record was released they got dropped by Island records and it was shelved until 1990 when it was released under their new name of Dream Command with a new record label, but the album was only released in the USA & Holland with some extra tracks and tracks 1,4 and 9 on this album were not on the Dream Command album.

I was given a cassette copy of the original tracks by the band in Febuary 1989 when I visited them at their studios in Sheffield after returning from a holiday in India, I was supposed to be touring with them ( I had previously worked for them on several tours) but unknown to me the tour had been cancelled while I was away on holiday (sods law I suppose )

The tape I took these tracks from has laid around in my cassette collection since I was given it and been played from time to time and I finally got around to transferring it to CD a few years ago, which is what I ripped these 320kbps mp3's from.

The Comsats are one of my favourite bands of all time, if you like this album then please go and check out all the other albums they made and buy them - possibly the greatest band never to have made the impression they should have made on the world of music, which is the world's loss.