Live 80

Move On with Troy Tate live on the Old Grey Whistle Test 1982

July 1982 Fashion have just got back from New York after playing at the first new music seminar with Africa Bambaataa and Haircut 100 (an interesting gig in more ways than one!) - they go into rehearsals in London for their appearance on BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test the following day. Dee Harriss the singer and main song writer in the band fails to turn up and no-one can contact him - band cancels tv show appearance.

As it turns out Dee has left the band, he just forgot to tell the others! The band immediatly return to Birmingham and hold auditions at UB40's studio, these are invite only auditions. Alan Darby turns up and band really like him as a guitarist, next in is Troy Tate and band really like him as singer - both are in the band. Less than 3 weeks after Dee quits the band the new band performs on The Old Grey Whistle Test, which goes out live from the Riverside Studios Hammersmith in London in their first ever live show and play 3 numbers - This is the first number.


you can find more from this line up on the troy tate link on the left

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