Live 80

Love Shadow 1982

Possibly the most well known song by Fashion. There was another version of this video made, which was a bit steamy, similar to the alternative Girls on Film video duran duran made at the same time, but have never seen it although I was at the video shoot, but the steamy scenes were shot on a closed set. The video was actually made in an old georgian house in central london which was empty at the time and all the bands equipment had to be carried up to the top floor up a narrow staircase, including the small PA system you can see in the video, which by the way wasn't plugged in and the whole day was a complete pain in the arse. mind you it did have its upside, I was sitting in the catering room having a coffee when the model, who you can see in the video came in dressed in a white robe, which was soaking wet and completly see thru and wearing nothing underneath and proceeded to stand in front of me drinking a coffee. As I said it did have its upside lol!!


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